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LG Tone Ultra HBS-800 Bluetooth Headset Review

What you get when you buy the LG Tone Ultra HBS-800 Wireless bluetooth headset. PART 2 LINK HERE \\/

LG Tone Ultra HBS-800 Review - STOP DON'T BUY - Epic Fail!!!

LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Review
LG Tone Ultra: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone-ultra
LG Tone Pro: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone-pro
LG Tone Plus: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone-plus
LG Tone: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone

Hey I love the LG Tone series of bluetooth headsets, but after buying the later Ultra version, I have be doubts.

LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset HBS-800 REVIEW

My Review of Bluetooth Headset. This is the LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset HBS-800. I Have had them a month. I LOVE them. They work for about 1.5 days before needing charging. I like having them at work so I can hear my phone ring and answer it wherever I am in the room, and still continue to work on my computer without holding the phone. I really love not being connected by the headset cord to my phone! I feel FREE! This product has been great and I highly recommend!!


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