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FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

Get certified as a commercial drone pilot so you can make some money! This is our FREE, comprehensive study guide for the FAA Part 107 sUAS Drone Certification.

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Correction: ATIS broadcasts weather, active runways, NOTAM, etc. Not rental cars.


0:51 Why you want the FAA Part 107 Drone Certification
1:17 Overview of taking the test
3:07 Why is none of this relevant to flying a drone
4:35 Drone laws \u0026 numbers
14:29 Airspace (Class A, B, C, D, etc.)
20:05 Radio frequencies
23:03 Pilot’s alphabet/Aviation alphabet
26:34 Airplane physics (center of gravity, lift, stalling, etc)
32:10 Sectional charts (those airspace maps)
48:02 Military Operations Areas (MOAs)
48:55 Restricted Areas
49:02 Military Training Routes (MTR/IR/VFR)
50:17 Latitude \u0026 Longitude
55:57 Airports
56:44 Runway patterns
58:45 Runway markings
1:04:08 Documents
1:04:14 User Manual
1:04:36 Maintenance Schedule
1:05:29 Sectional Charts
1:06:06 Chart Supplement
1:06:47 NOTAM (Notices to Airmen)
1:07:53 METAR (Meteorological Aviation Report)
1:08:12 TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)
1:08:15 Reading a METAR report
1:16:33 Reading a TAF report
1:23:17 Weather
1:28:47 Team \u0026 Crew Management
1:29:00 Visual Observer (VO)
1:29:28 Remote Pilot in Command (Remote PIC)
1:30:20 Crew Resource Management (CRM) also at 1:37:06
1:30:52 Risk (Hyperventilating, Alcohol, Hangovers
1:33:29 Scanning the Sky
1:34:23 Personality Traits (Macho, Impulsivity, Invulnerability, Resignation, Anti-authority)
1:37:06 Crew Resource Management (CRM)
1:39:00 Testing Tips

Cc 107

♫ Uplifting Trance Mix #107 | November 2020 | OM TRANCE

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00:00 01. Phykro12 - Nirvana (Original Mix) [Sundance Recordings]
06:08 02. Fischer \u0026 Miethig With ArDao - Fragile Beauty (Vinny DeGeorge Remix) [Aural Sonic]
12:17 03. Atti Master - Ritual Of Rebirth (Original Mix) [Pegasus Music]
17:56 04. Alternate High - Distant Reality (Extended Mix) [Nrgized Audio]
23:39 05. Gayax - Neptune (Khoa Tran Remix) [Sundance Recordings]
28:20 06. Wayf4rer - Exodus (Original Mix) [Sundance Recordings]
32:59 07. Hiddeminside - Timeless (Greg Dusten Remix) [Tecnomind Music]
37:37 08. Puresoul - We Are One (Sergiy Akinshin Remix) [Tecnomind Music]
42:59 09. Matthias Bishop - Roppongi Vice (Eugenio Tokarev Remix) [Aural Sonic: 138]
47:02 10. Raddle B feat. Rebecca Louise Burch - Is It Love (Original Mix) [Aural Sonic: Harmony]
51:27 11. Loobosh \u0026 Laucco - Volando En Las Nubes (Extended Mix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]

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