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New Beetle - How To Remove Center Dash

This is a Tutorial to how to remove the Center Dash Console in a New Beetle 1998 - 2010 including the convertible. Made in a Volkswagen New Beetle 2000 1.8 Turbo with Leather Seats. The Heater seats is only available with the leathered seats option.

Este es un tutorial de cómo remover o quitar la consola central de tablero en un (Volky) New Beetle 1998 - 2010 incluido el modelo convertible. Realizado en un Volkswagen New Beetle 2000 1.8 Turbo con asientos de cuero. Los asientos calentables solo están disponibles con la opción de asientos de cuero.

Tools / Herramientas
- Torx T20 Screwdriver or Ratchet
- Flat Screwdriver
Mike Mason : Just a heads up.
U will likely want to mute this video because of pointless garbage synth music that makes you dizzy.
john moser : Excellent video
Amy Butterley : Mine is stuck on by the bar above the glove box, any idea how to get that out?
guido lavelli : Good video, thanks for your time
Ralph111417 : Nice and clear thank you! Killer drums by the way, what is the track please?
Alan Le : Oh, Your doesn't have the Passenger Air Bag and Emergency Button connections. How?
jaibaman : Hola, vídeo súper utili. Te agradecería si enseñas como cambiar las del medio ya que las tengo rotas. Gracias
Дмитрий Фулитко :
Alberto R Trujillo Lopez : Me ayudaste mucho y ahorraste unos $ tambien. Gracias
8 : Disculpe, se le puede intercambiar el tablero viejo de un beetle 2002 a uno de beetle 2013?

Top Gear - VW New Beetle

cian can : 1500€ 1998 258 000 a vendre Dijon france
Anthony Thompson : I found a 1998 Volkswagen beetle with the 5-speed manual transmission today for $1,250 or best offer
winnie wiglet : 0:43 ccant reach the pedals
Nikey92 : Uncle-Adi ❤
Arnas K. : I so much love these bubble bugs :)
Ali Adel : 2019
Carlo isokessu : My mother actually named her cat by Eva after Hitlers wife. Many people tried to kill our cats (not because of the name but because they are evil) Hitler really hated people but he liked animals. My friend said to me that "I wish Hitler comes back" when I told how my neighbours are like. I didn't even mention the cat part xD but I told that they took my Volkswagen in the scrap yard. Had to pay 300 euros to get it back and couldn't get it in home because they were gonna put it back -.- had to give my car away and didn't get a penny, or cent.. P.S I had Vento not beetle. Vento is actually pretty good car but i was power sliding it too much and had to repair some parts and when I got kicked out from the work from going there too late I lost my car because gas was high due to the fact that Obama didn't give a fuck. I don't even live in America but their president affects my life. I don't even have to read newspapers and I see the effect with my own eyes in 2 weeks everytime when they do something stupid to the world. Btw I always thought that Hitler is TABU in Britain?? O_o
Anthony Douglas Contares : Back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s the VW Bettle and the Karman Gia was called the poormans Porsche because both were built in the same auto factory in Germany and used the old air cool pancake motor so it was called because of it's flat profile, and both makes had rear motors.
Today's new VWs have Audi motors, from the Bettle to the VW SUVs all power trains are Audi.
That's why repairs are expensive on these cars now.
I've owned 4 VWs so far and love them, these cars are fun to drive.
なな : どう言う画質やねん
Wankil Bananier : La vrais Beetle est tellement intemporelle que même la New Beetle a super mal vieillis par rapport à l’originale !

2000 Volkswagen Beetle Review - With Richard Hammond

Ian Royle and Richard Hammond give us a review of a 2000 model Volkswagen Beetle, taking a look at it's performance and handling, as well as seeing how practical and reliable it is.
Mario Torrez Quant : Why are there two reviews, this and the one with Ginny???
Naruto Uzamaki : How about gearbox,have problem or not like new vw.?
Trucker KC19 : I have the 1.8 turbo but had so many problems with it.
Nyleen : awh fuck now I have a 250quid beetle.
Justin Anger : Absolute garbage car. The 2.0 was the shittiest engine I ever owned. Bought at 85k miles burned up the engine by 87. Good condition low mile cars should never break down ad much as mine did! I'm not talking about the diesel or the 1.8 turbo. I'm sure those are good engines but still
BUY a focus instead!
Ian Jones : I used to have a 2000 myself. I could put 2 large pizzas on that dash and they would not fall off.
Brad Knickle : That ain't Hammond
Jesus Damian : I love my 2000 Bug. I drove it up and down a nasty mountain trail on 3 wheels
Jom Bersama Kak Bell : Too my favourite car
ThomasTankCollectables : The black beetle is still on the road 102K miles on it's last MOT.
The blue one was on the road until 2013 and got to 100K miles on it's last MOT.




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