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HP DV3000 laptop take apart video, disassemble, how to open disassembly

https://www.youtube.com/LaptopKeyRepair - channel about laptop key repairs and replacement
https://www.youtube.com/AutosNCars - my channel about cars
https://www.youtube.com/1stHowTo - my channel where I do a different howto videos


No music. No talking. Just work.
If you are taking your HP DV3000 laptop apart be careful and wear an anti-static wrist band or use other anti-static device. If you need to change a LCD usually you don't have to take screen out of a laptop. You can leave it on a laptop and watch the last part of the video where I am taking LCD apart. If you need to change a keyboard, you don't have to take all bottom screws out. There are usually some marks, like a keyboard picture, on a case bottom. If you need to put a laptop back to work be aware of screws. They are different and you better remember or mark them somehow to insure that you will put them back in to a right place.
Some laptops I take apart first time, so don't be serious on my time and performance.
If something got broken - ooops, it's your fault.
Believe me, some parts in your laptop are already broken, you just don't see that.
So, just watch this video and fix your laptop.
Have fun and good luck!!

Paul Rojo : Great! I have a question, I have an old laptop (hp pavilion dv3500), they told me I had an inventec 1505 motherboard, I would like to know what processors are compatible, and if you can change the video card too. it says it has an nvidia 9300m gs. Could I change it to increase it?
Douglas Marciano : Is there a possibility to change the CMOS battery without taking it apart?
Lucky Hartanto.S : Do i need to do this if i want to change just the thermal paste and clean the fan ? ._.
nior712 : only problem i have and which led me here, is i have the same exact laptop as yours, different color tho, but the same, and my problem is, it overheats and i dont know what to do, im worried to take it apart and dust off some of the dirt but i might not be able to put them back together lol, so any solution or suggestions on how to reduce this overheating problem ?

J. James Burke : Okay. Good job.
J. James Burke : 0:14 Dude, just get a screwdriver.
thatdevilguy : Roughly how much would I be charged to have the cmos changed in a shop?
Barry Scott Will : Thanks for this. I wanted to know how to replace the CMOS battery. Now that I know, I won't be replacing it. :sheesh: Worst design I've ever seen.
MolenIT Officiel : I have a problem with my hp dv3000, I can't connect at my wifi. Please help me..
Draxooo : I can´t continue to watching like he destroys that laptop! Fired such employee.

HP DV3000 (DV3510nr) Disassemble for CPU Upgrade Part 2

Download Service Manual and leave your comments below http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01614393.pdf
Dave Minion : Thanks for the video but this is way too much trouble to upgrade my old laptop; especially considering that it's limited to 4GB of maximum memory.
Cory Reid : T9900 works in perfectly in this machine, did it to my own

HP Pavilion dv3000 노트북 분해(Laptop disassembly)

HP Pavilion dv3000 노트북 분해(Laptop disassembly)
강재정 : 이것 원도우 10설치후 사용가능한가요 ?
delladulla 11 : thank's bro
Bora Gungor : After cleaning the fan & vent ducts, made the assembly but i do not have wifi now. Any idea ?
Sakon Yumak : Thanks you so much. I disassembly as your step to fix some issue on my laptop.




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