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Sworks 7 Shoes Review and Comparison to the 6 and 5

Review of the new Sworks 7 Shoes with at look at how the Sworks shoe has evolved and developed over the last 5 years.
Jump to 2.49 for immediate look at the 7's.
Yuki Wu : does it come with clips for the bike?
srcultureshock : I'm getting numb toes with the SW7. With SW6 I'm OK. Time to start trying shoes cause my 6 is kinda beat up.
greenophotography : What was the gradient of the climb?
alzeta86 : where is the correct axle of rd 6??‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️
Charles Graham-Dixon : Hi- question about the 5's. I notice the 6 and 7 have cleat fore/aft adjustment recesses but not the 5. I need my cleats fairly far back. Do you think the cleat holes in the 5's are in a fairly rearward position on the sole? Cheers
Nice 'N' Sleazy : Update - just arrived . What a breath of fresh air compared to Sidi. Ok, they may not look as cool as sidi, but boy, they are more comfortable, more lightweight, better heel retention and just designed better. You can see some thought has actually gone into designing these shoes - thanks again for the tops and advice .
Nice 'N' Sleazy : suitable for a narrow foot ? Heel retention good ? cheers
Simon Warmer : Sharp honest review again, thanks! Used to ride Specialized 45's perfect fit. Now I 've bought new 6's, 45,5 + 3 mm, because I had the opportunity online (thought the 6's were more tight, not). Strangely enough the sole sizes are exactly the same. The toe box though is huge!! I haven't figured to yet if I like all this space. Never the less it doesn't seem to matter for the power transfer or causes any slipping.The firm heel cups are noticeable but not hurting or touching my anklebone. I wonder if they brake in if they stretch somewhere or just get more comfortable. Keep up the good work and go luck with your Tours!
lowrider2025 : Maybe a strange question: are there any people that have the same length in feet as I do ? My feet are 26,5cm in length and the ball of the foot is 10cm. I have gaerne g chrono carbons in 42 and sidi's in 42,5-43. What would you choose in s-works shoes ? And are they wide enough ?
George Oprea : Hi size wise they are all the same?

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Amit Kumar : Are you really suggesting us to ignore those yeezys
Always remember yeezy is YEEZY...
It always wins
dhanjith lal k : Flip-flop are best . ♥️
Brian Shaffer : I hate this dude so much he just remind me of a fishy car salesman.
romeo lopez : Bro you are entitled with your own opinion...you cannot dictate others personal choice...they buy and used it because that’s what they can afford with...you even promoting shoes which is Nothing Old(NEW) and look cheap...peace!
S : Nothing new???? Yes you're right its just a copy of the Allstars lmao
Kwanlaa Kwame Peter : Very incredible teachings
Jia Li Situ : Watch what pictures you pull up to show to your viewers Jose. Calm the f down bud
RedRedMCmusic : In Jersey, we wear flip flops
Elite Thenx Athlete : Why did you put chelsea boots in the thumbnail ?

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Vladimir Riché : Let me know, who's your favorite shoemaker at this price point?
Bernard3rd : Vladamir,

I appreciate the video and content you are putting out. I tried to find the Vass Budapest website (as you mentioned in the video that it is possible to buy directly from their website), but I was not able to find the manufacturers website. Can you help me out and post the website? If this is no longer possible, then what is the best way to obtain Vass Budapest shoes in the US?


natureins : Curious why you rated Joe Works #6 but you really liked the shoes from them you have? I really like their bluchers on the last #6 and thinking about ordering a pair.
Rob Caputo : Vladimir I love your vids and this is the best so far. I few thoughts: 1) I am Italian with a menswear background, with your hand-talk and humour I am more concerned that if you go to Italy they well love you so much that they well not let you leave. 2, I have a few Allen Edmonds in my collection but like you I find them a little stodgy. I have both Merman that are available on the Hero-eee last. Love your comments on TLP Majorca and want to try the made to order program.

I want to do a lot of walking on these shoes, can you give me advise on how to get a great fit and tones of comfort?

Yankie Doodle : Dont know if I can buy a shoe not made in Italy or Spain.
Chin-Chen Lee : Interesting choice, I would rank AM finish (Argentum at least) above both EB and Vass for sure and as good as mainline GG. Though Argentum would be AW, with HW it would go above $1k I suppose
Michael Ryan : Like the new background. I think I’m going to paint my walls that colour.
Karim Belaribi : Thank you very much for all your blogs that i apprecuate and wait a lot. I would like to know If you plan a subject about the french brand j m Weston and his excellent quality. Also could you join the website to order some brands like bonafe, mecariello, vass,joe works because we don't find those shoes in France.the retailers are not understandable. Sorry for my english. See you soon Karim from Paris
TCPortis : Subscribed, great videos
David Gaines : Great presentation Vladimir!




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