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McLaren MP4-12C - это отличная покупка за $140 000 - или нет

Объявление McLaren MP4-12C на Авто.ру:\u0026from=demuro.mp4-12c

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Перевод и озвучка от студии Exosphera
a88e : Почему опять нет оценок по школе?!
Anton M : На обочине срач как в России
Бррр ррр : Этот «старт апп» больше 25 лет не сдал позиций на макс скорость!!! Это МакЛарен, это как Порше!!! Легенда
Бррр ррр : В МакЛарен хотели сделать конкурента Ферраре который будет по всем характеристикам на 1% лучше её!!!!
jeka1945 : McLaren давно круче чем Ferrari

McLaren MP4-12C vs Ferrari 458 | Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson takes to the wheel of the incredible McLaren MP4-12C as it meets its deadliest supercar rival, the Ferrari 458, in a full track test.

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This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service \u0026 Feedback
Luke Craig : 5:43 - james and his favourite place to rant about
Marke5FSI : sBerrari
el toro fuerte : Does anyone else think it's strange that they used a left side drive car instead of right side?
Zakir Baksh : I love the mp 4 12 c
Siddharth Bisht : Anyone still here in 2021?

The McLaren MP4-12C Is a Great Deal At $140,000 - Or Is It?


The McLaren MP4-12C has lost a lot of value - and now you can pick one up for just $140,000 (or less!). That makes it a great deal -- or is it?

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Anthony Meoli : Not sure why staring at this guy's nose garners 1.7 million views. "Wow, this is fast." Really? It is a McLaren after all. Why do you care about the the rear window when the "air brake" goes up? That is the point of the engineering. It is among the many genius components of the 12C.

An exotic that depreciated? What are the odds?

Reliability? Have you ever owned a Ferrari? They are risky every time you start the car up. Lamborghini? Same. No supercar is inherently reliable or any car for that matter. Whether you own a Volvo, Jeep or McLaren - chances are any of the 3 could be a nightmare to own.
H and foxy : I have 2. I love them.
Never taken out the package.
Rich Tygart : I'm 6-3 and 285 pounds. The fire department would have to come with the jaws of life to extract me from that thing
bgfx 302 : Drew peacock saw this video
Cypherrr : Doug, the type of guy who browse his youtube channel account on the phone displays at phone stores




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