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Anker IE10 Digital Lightning Earbuds

I review the Anker IE10 Digital Earbuds. The IE10 has a built in DAC and connects through lightning.

Gear I use:

Recent wallpaper:

Intro \u0026 Outro Music: “Natoma” by Phaura - - Royalty free and used with permission by the Artist Phaura

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Joshua Martyn : First
Shaun Rowe : Can't get on uk yet :-(
The Ultimate Slayer : If i had an iphone and $60. Id buy a pair of skullcandy grinds or a pair of sonys. Not shitty earbuds.
Neil's Kitchen : Aaron it says on my iPhone 5s this device is already associated with an Apple ID how do I fix that error
Neil's Kitchen : Do you know why

Internet Explorer 10 released (raw video from VNR)

News release:\r
Today, Microsoft announced worldwide availability of Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) for Windows 7. IE10 is now available in 95 languages for more than 700 million Windows customers. IE10 is recognized as the fastest browser in real world performance and people running Windows 7 will see up to 20% faster performance. IE10 is also leading touch on the web. It is the world's first touch-first browser, included with the recently released Windows 8 operating system. \r
To celebrate the launch, Microsoft released a new ad, Explore Touch, featuring the newly released single from singer, songwriter and producer, Blake Lewis. Lewis highlights what is possible on Windows 8 touch devices with IE10, and shows off the new site, where web users can mix and interact with his new single, Your Touch, using IE10. "Your Touch" also released today and is available exclusively through Xbox Music and streaming on the site for the first week.
Tim Nguyen : why u Enternet bring me back??

Christopher Schoger : Wie heist der song

Gerrit Hausherr : Music is AWESOME
VirusIsASpeedHamster : Blake Lewis - >Your Touch
killahfromanilla : Is this a remixed version of the song? Cus it's not the same as the single that was released, it's a shit ton better!

Windows 7 - Downloading Internet Explorer 10

Where to download internet explorer on the website
Muzzy337 : Do not upgrade to IE10. There are quite a few problems with it that nobody seems to be able to resolve. I went from IE9 to IE10 and could no longer access my photo files when posting on online forums. IE10 was sluggish and very odd in its behavior. I tried to go back to IE9 and the problem remains. I even did a system restore to no avail. Microsoft should get their shit together before infecting people's systems with this bullshit. YouTube says I'm using a browser that is no longer supported.
Theofficialwindows7 : That is not a internet explorer 10 problem ... you have a major problem in your core windows install files ... you should check for malware .. everyone i know that passed to ie 10 have no problems ... and it'S super fast and very reliable. Your problem seems to be in your computer windows install
Muzzy337 : I watch my system like a hawk and scan for viruses on a daily basis and malware on a weekly basis. This issue happened the instant IE 10 was installed. I changed my photo file names and the problem is now gone. I went back to IE 9 and YouTube still says I'm using an outdated browser. I think I will drop IE 9 and try a different browser. Sorry Microsoft, but your arrogance has blinded you.
pc gamerz : what do u mean that u could not access ur photo files when posting online forums
pc gamerz : when u download internet explorer 10 and restarted ur computer and loged in did ur screen turn white as soon as u loged in than turned normal for 1-2 min.




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