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Today I unboxed a 2 Terabyte USB. But is it really 2TB or is someone telling lies?




Reachsey Fresno Band : im ma buy some more they got on ebay it work but never know sometime like he say so it a liar but i got lucky for some reason
Reachsey Fresno Band : $15 2TB usb in order to work well try not to copy the whole folder get copy about 200G at a time or maybe less untill you get to fill up your space but don't forget to run a scan to do automatic fix errors and bad sector.
team spv : Thanks bro
Kristel Magdael : What’s the tool that could check the space of your usb?
Creative indonesia2021 : HP Flashdrive 2TB?!

Casio XJ-UT310WN Ultra-Short Throw Projector

The XJ-UT310WN projector brings together ultra-short throw technology and Casio's hybrid LED-laser light source! Watch Dave run through all the great features, uses, and inputs of this great ultra-short throw projector. For pricing and more info click here:
Movie Madness : too much talk play a movie could have at least brought up the projectors menu and specs........
Bibo : like your presentation its so helpful
Dave Francis : Home theatre? Compared to LG PF1000
Loki 76 : 16:10 is an aspect ratio not resolution. So what is the resolution?
CONVEXER : I love this projectorits perfect formeand myfamily fantastic superb projector highly recomended

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Ian Chan : Han solo and Captain rex
Mimoco Mimobot : We will be randomly selecting a winner tomorrow!
Damiano : r2-d2
Damiano : r2-d2
Damiano : qui gon jinn




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