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(사이다중고차) 벤츠 C클래스중고차 C180K 06년형19만KM 290만원

차량번호 : 08조1121
차량명 : 벤츠 C180K (W203)
최초등록일 : 2005년12월2006년형식
변속기 : 자동
연료 : 휘발유
배기량 : 1796CC
주행거리 : 197278KM
색상 : 은색
성능 : 개인차량으로 없음
금액 : 차대금 290만원 + 매도비없음 + 성능보증보험료없음 +알선수수료 없음 + 취등록세 과표8%

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The days when a stereo was an option on a Mercedes-Benz are a distant memory. Now even the most basic C-Class is well equipped. What's more, the latest model is sharply styled and has a depth of quality that was missing from its predecessor. Drivers can now look forward to an executive car feel behind the wheel. The range of engines and trims is vast, with something for everyone, ranging from the economical C 220 CDI diesel to the outrageously quick C 63 AMG, which has a powerful V8 engine squeezed under the bonnet.

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