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How to start your Husqvarna K 1260 and K 1270 power cutter

In this video we show you step-by-step instructions for how to start your Husqvarna K 1260 and K 1270 power cutter.
Check out our power cutter user guide for more useful information on how to operate and maintain your power cutter: https://www.husqvarnacp.com/int/support/user-guides/power-cutters-2/
For more information about our power cutter range, go to: https://www.husqvarnacp.com/int/machines/power-cutters/

허스크바나 벽체절단기 K-1260 엔진보링 영상

공구박사 전박사 입니다
허스크바나 벽체절단기
엔진 보링 영상입니다
카카오플러스 공구박사전박사
최현수 : 허스크바나 1270 시동이 잘 안걸립니다. 수 차례 당겨야 걸리는데 원인이 무엇인가요?
그리고 그것을 고치려면 어떻게 해야 하는지요?

K1270 / K1260 Rail Saw from Trak-Star

The Husqvarna K1270 / K1260 Rail Saw from Trak-Star quickly cuts rail with the 7.8 hp motor. The saw uses a 16" Trak-Blade cut off wheel. Light weight and easy to handle the Trak-Star rail saw ensures a straight 90 degree cut every time. www.trak-star.com
Martin Rodriguez : Donde la puedo consegir
pollutedcrimson : Put the guard down bro, no wonder your chaps on your right are burning
Nicholas Tedeschi : keep the saw still. Let the saw do the cutting..
Fullmetal Alkami : Fuckin glorious saw
Kimmo Hallamaa : It's great machine! I make over 600 cuts/year with this and i'm happy to use it! But i dont say that i'm good but i make same cut as in video at 1.19min. ;) with smaller "blade"
Martin Zuanich : that guy cant cut for shit. I do that stuff for the railroad and we make a cut like that in half the time easily.
MOZZYTHE1ST : and boom the money just fell out the atm
Marco Antonio : I need about 100 of them cut just like that

Levi : i've got a test with this beast today. GET UP!
ColtDeltaElite10mm : That's kick ass power equipment! I wish I could find a place locally in SoCal where I could buy about a 12-14" piece of rail. I want to fabricate a "poor Mans's" anvil out of it.




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