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XK X130-T using XK X6 transmitter to improve flying experience

XK X130-T: WHITE https://goo.gl/yN7rVb BLACK https://goo.gl/jqq7P1 Use above link and code "GBhotRC7" at checkout and get the BLACK one for only £50 ($65)
Amazingly cheap Spare battery: https://goo.gl/2GTFQx
I like this quad but on stock transmitter when you go into acro....well let me say, it's not a pleasant experience ;-) So I gave it a go on the XK X6 TX and hey much more fun ;-)

LG X130 Netbook RAM Upgrade (En)

http://ndevil.com - LG Netbook with 10.1 inch, 1GB RAM, Atom N270 gets a ram upgrade.
Pankaj kumar : I have LG r 40
Kirino Chan : yes very buggy app with 1 gb how much is a 2GB RAM?
Kirino Chan : bro i got a question same netbook here what is the max ram lg x130 motherboard can support..?

Marcelo Anselmo : Easy as can be!
The JeyJey : @27prodigy09 you can put 2GB of RAM memory to x130??
Next TV : Hello can anyone help me to teach me how to replace the Hard drive of LG x130... Plz plz help me

suat mertsoy : I bought x130 last week. I changed RAM with the 2GB and set windows 7 on :) its working perfectly fast, reliable and without any problem just you can't use smart on utility that u will never use if it was working :)
Bonquishria : does this LG have the same problem as the X110 (the hinge problem) like when you hold it the screen starts shaking ? and i suggest getting a tripod for the camera




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