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PHD-38 함마드릴을 파해쳐보자

#함마드릴 #함마드릴사용방법 #함마드릴 보관방법
함마드릴 보관방법과 사용방법을 알아보겟습니다
최광수 : 사장님 작동은 돼는데 파괴력이 약합니다 왜 그런걸까요 ?
권용길 : 타 함마드릴을 사용하지만 도움되는 영상이네요 ^^

Vintage AEG PHD 38 Electro-Pneumatic Rotary Hammer Part 1 - Teardown

Time to dive into another vintage AEG power tool. This time it is a PHD 38 electro-pneumatic rotary hammer cira 1987.
Check out this link for scans to the catalogs and parts diagrams shown in this video:
mixwell1983 : Mine is not sds but can you buy a spline shank that adapts to a chuck for these? Mine is same way with a spline for masonary bits or smooth shank but still has that indention for chisels etc. I even have a non spline bit that legit looks like a meat mallet.. Wtf is that for??
mixwell1983 : Man im glad someone has a video on this.. I have the same model that was my grandpas and it is a beast. The whole tool,drill bits and case I would say is about 40-50lbs no doubt..

Not sure if he is gona mention it but mine is a 220v but my grandpa had an adapter from 220 to regular 120v here in the USA..

My cord is getting a little frayed and im wondering if i could replace with a 120v cord or just use the 220v with adapter.. I do have a dedicated 220v plug in my garage and a 220v extension cord thats like 15-20 ft but that doesnt help when i need it offsite away from that source..
Rondall Owens : I took mine apart by following your video. I am trying to get it running again. My drill was same set up as yours though, its a 1985. You mentioned England bearing set and Koyo, I have the same bearing in the same places. I also have that orange grease in the bottom pocket. Main gears have some black grease. This is similar to what you found also. I dont think they were rebuilt. I think it was just how they were assembled from factory.
Kamal Tailor : Where's part two??
Godfrey180 : Will there ever be a part 2 of this? I can't wait to see this awesome rotary hammer being brought back to life.
Gareth Dirlam : So I am wondering what your thoughts are on Festool vs/and Mafell, as far as brand history and pedigree are concerned. I see allot of Protool in the festool circular saws.
Gareth Dirlam : Nice tear down, can't wait to see the next part.
Nikola Bijedic : which screwdriver set are you using in this video, is that Felo?
Koffi Banan : Always surprising how complicated these things turn out to be on the mechanical side. Very much looking forward to a 3D model, if you could spare the time.

And what a good deal!! Those bits really must've cost an arm and a leg!
ck m : Looks almost exactly like a Milwaukee SDS drill I have.... Including the case....

Hegelian Dialectic Deluxe Full Album (Premastered)

Hegelian Dialectic Deluxe Edition in it's pre-mastered form. You can now hear the album as Prodigy and Myself had it when we walked into the mastering house. Shout out to Tony Gillis at The Cutting Room NYC for doing an amazing job on the master. In this version you can hear the dynamic differences that a mastering engineer will smooth out and polish off, essentially doing their job. When I mix records I think 4th dimensionaly that the mastering engineer will tighten the slightest separations and close some dynamic windows. Thus I will create slightly more than needed vocal separation and dynamic variations so that there is no possibility of the mastering engineer flattening out the mix and diminishing the subtle dynamics that were created. The key to a quality vocal mix is the separation of the vocals from the music. Too much and it sounds like Drake, nothing but vocals and snares. Too little and the vocals get squashed on lesser quality sound systems and headphones. Use a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones and you will hear exactly what we heard at the last stage of mixing the album. You will also notice some production changes from this version to the final master, highlighting the fact that during mastering the dynamics of the mixes are going to be altered and brought to a closer sense of uniformity, thus some reverb tails, song outros and transition periods will not feel the same. It's ok to make changes even at the last stage. Strive for perfection or you will only hear the things that you would wish to change when you hear the final product. Rip P.

Track Listing

0:00 - 1:09 - Intro
1:10 - 4:19 - Mystic
4:20 - 6:42 - Broken Rappers
6:43 - 9:43 - Tyranny
9:44 - 12:43 - Mafuckin U$A
12:44 - 15:15 - Mic-Rocosm
15:16 - 18:01 - As If
18:02 - 18:21 - New Balance
18:22 - 21:01 - Snakes
21:02 - 24:07 - The Good Fight
24:08 - 24:46 - Mr. President
24:47 - 28:15 - Spiritual War
28:16 - 31:44 - No Religion
31:45 - 35:51 - Hunger Pangs
35:52 - 38:56 - PHD
38:57 - 41:27 - Broken Apple
41:28 - 44:48 - No Contest
44:49 - 49:04 - Bless You
Chiraq General : Classic exposing the true devil's and Satan's Army r.i.p. Prodigy they can take the body but not the soul.
Ribz so succulent : I'm promoting this like I'm his manager 2020 and forever when the views keep going up I done a lil suttin .. r.i.p p .. since young that voice was my teacher mobb
DetachedMatrix : This is his best work honestly. The great awakening is happening
Cole Troxel : Who's here in 2020 trying to cleanse their soul
GunsOilDrugs659 : You will always be my plug.. One Love
Vicious Spiegel : Rest in peace. H.n.i.c best mc to ever done it.
Father Time : The God Emcee 777 Prodigy Rest In Power Dunn Dunn
Blizz Z : Prodigy was killed by the government
Waddell Properties LLC : 333
Ethick : RIP P 333




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