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How To Make A N Male Crimp Connector - LMR 400 #665


ShowMeCables presents a dynamic video about terminating a N Male Crimp Connector. As you watch this video you'll learn how to terminate a this N Male Crimp Connector. You'll need to know how to solder for this product requires some soldering.

Product http://goo.gl/qcK8C breakdown:
N connectors are a threaded coaxial connector and are known for being a durable, weatherproof connector. N connectors are commonly used for RF applications and can carry frequencies up to 11 GHz.


Fits LMR-400 \u0026 Belden 9913
Crimp style
50 Ohm
Nickel plated brass

For more information please visit http://www.showmecables.com https://www.showmecables.com/blog


Crimp Connector Cable Prep - 400MAX & LMR-400

DX Engineering's Coaxial Cable Preparation Tools for Crimp Connectors. This video shows the tools being used on DXE-400MAX and LMR-400 type coaxial cable.
More information can be found on the DX Engineering web site at: www.DXEngineering.com




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