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Using a Micropipette - University of Leicester

A short film showing how to use a Gilson Micropipette. The film was made to support the teaching of undergraduate Biological Science students at the University of Leicester.

The film was produced by GENIE, based within the Genetics Department at the University of Leicester. Further information and materials can be found on the GENIE web site http://www.le.ac.uk/genie and the GENIE VGEC web site http://www.le.ac.uk/vgec

The film was directed by Jon Shears of ITS-Multimedia Services and the film was produced by Raymond Dalgleish, Nicola Suter-Giorgini and Cas Kramer.
Fatima Inigo : Best Video! Thank you very much!
Bablu Sahu : Thanks you
Garrett Ludescher : anyone here from an fsu bio course
Neon Rose : Sound effects made me crack up
Gdhxvgxh Fshbdgsh : Yang pilih allah like.
Bxnxn USnnb : 8:00
Madison : wah wahhhhh
Alan Kunz : P2 range: 0.2-2ul

P20 range: 2-20ul

P200 range: 20-200ul

P1000 range: 100-1000ul

(in this case u is the symbol for micro, or 10^-6)
RamenIsDaBest :P : The amount of times you hear the word tip in this video you’d think it was a porn

How to pipette correctly – a short step-by-step introduction into proper pipetting

Visit the Eppendorf Training Center: https://goo.gl/1l8XUF

This three minute video improves your pipetting skills and secures a homogenous pipetting technique in your lab when all lab members follow these easy tips. Your assays will be more reproducible and reliable without depending on one person doing the experiment. We will show each important step in pipetting from the operation of the buttons to dispensing of the liquid. We give valuable information on each handling move and explain in detail all critical points during pipetting. You will learn about the correct aspiration angle and immersion depth and receive reasons why these considerations are of great importance. We clarify the term and practice of pre-wetting by showing how to do it. In the last step of pipetting you will learn about the appropriate dispensing angle and performance of blow-out to achieve most reliable and reproducible results.
glasslinger : So much for that! I though I was going to learn how to better load weed into a bong!
bob along : is accurate delivery affected by altitude ? here at mile high colorado water boils less than 100 C.
AriRaj Chemical Academy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI_VcXvgh3g&t=195s
Thilina Alagiyawanna : Thank you
Im Thrillz : Bruh im always shaking when i put the caps on
praveen kumar : Super madam..
Sheida Ghasemi : so useful , thank you so much , i would be very happy if you follow my page on instagram @sheidateb
Paula Andrea : I really love you. You are an amazing teacher. No one has never explain it so accurately than you. Thank you so much.
Tia Allen : This video showed a good up-close demonstration
Makenna Keplinger : this showed me what to do correctly so I don't mess up the tool or experiment


Micropipettes are devices that are used to deliver small volumes of liquid; usually in the range of 0.5 to 1,000 microliters. Like other forms of laboratory instrumentation, the micropipette must be operated with precision so that your measurements can be reproduced consistently.

It's not hard; so don't be intimidated by it. But it does take practice. Your technique is very important. And since a micropipette delivers such small volumes, a minor operational flaw could make a huge negative impact on the accuracy of your measurements.

In this video, we'll demonstrate the correct technique for using a micropipette. We'll also examine some common micropipetting mistakes.

Be sure to check out BioNetwork's award-winning "Pipetting" eLearning module. It's freely available at: http://lsteam.org/projects/interactive-elearning-tools/pipetting

This video was filmed on location at Gaston College.
lil uzi : nice
Saad Saad : Fantastic
KELIOS : Someone make a YTP of this
Mothra Kaiju : This is why I love science just picking up liquids
Anonymus 747 : Hilarious. Minute 2:18. There's liquid left in the tip! Worst transfer ever!
Phyllis Ann : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGX490kuKjg&t=5s
Zayn Malik : Vry nice
Miss Red : perfect video for me to learn
durai swamy : how to prevent air bubble during mpn while transfering the water
maglu mura : thanks... keep uploading such videos




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