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Doublelift Montage

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➤ ¨Doublelift¨
Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" Peng (Hanzi: 彭亦亮) is a League of Legends esports player, currently bot laner for Team SoloMid. Peng comes from California, and started playing console games before jumping to PC titles such as DotA, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of Newerth before eventually moving to League of Legends. In an interview with Machinima in 2013, Peng said his relationship with his parents was strained over his dream of being a professional esports player. "I would always struggle with my parents... we would just argue over everything, especially games. When I wanted to play they thought it was just a complete waste of time. It got worse and worse over the years." Peng first entered professional League of Legends when he gained the attention of George "HotshotGG" Georgallidis, founder of Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), who recruited him as a substitute Support player.[citation needed] Shortly after, Peng left CLG to become the starter Support for Epik Gamer.[citation needed] He later joined UnRestricted as the starting AD Carry. The team was acquired by Team Curse later that year.[citation needed]
Peng's first major tournament was DreamHack Summer 2011, the Riot Season 1 Championship. Hosted in Sweden, he needed his parents' permission to go, but at the time his beginning esports career was a secret to his parents. "They wouldn't let me go... They were like 'You're going to die if you go to Sweden for Dreamhack'. " He was ultimately allowed to go after Doublelift's older brother helped convince their parents.
Peng was timid and socially awkward around his teammates. "I was really awkward and really introverted at the time. I was just that typical Asian guy who does nothing but play games. When I finally met my team I was like 'hi' and that was like the only thing I said. I said nothing after that. I was just a presence with them but I didn't interact with them very much."[4] In a Reddit AMA, Peng said he owed it to Epik Gamer for giving him the opportunity to begin his career. "Without Epik Gamer, I would have never made it into the pro scene most likely."
When Peng returned home, he said his parents were not proud of his accomplishment at Dreamhack. "They wanted me to go to college." Tensions grew between him and his parents over his choice of career, until in 2011 his parents told him to leave the house. He did, taking his prize money from Dreamhack and his computer.[4] Peng wrote about the event on Reddit in a thread titled "Hi I'm Doublelift, formerly of team [Epik Gamer], and today I became homeless." With no college degree or family to return to, he decided to go all-in on his professional gaming career. Peng began earning money for writing educational League of Legends content for Team Curse. "I pretty much made half the guides for that site... I was just super happy and I could finally pay rent that month.

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Azelv : let's go bro !! really nice montage
Peaceminusone : The greatest NA ad carry who is never out from worlds group stage.
lelochgeass010 : All those clip for the exception of that last one were doublelift pre 2020 spring split
Mashed Potato : This shows that he can't make some hype plays in tournaments. But I'm still rooting for him.
ИFN Raven : get ready for it... IM A WORTHLESS HUMAN BEING xD
Edmond Mar : can we get a list of songs you used?
Mezzi OW : Nice montages you should make some that are the worlds bootcamps! Like make highlight videos of the bootcamp solo que
BlueJoobYT Gaming : Well done.Try to time some big plays with bass drops or loudest if you can.You might watch it back again after picking the right songs to it.
Michael Prater : Subbed
Tyler Samuels : This was a great hype montage. Looking forward to him performing at Worlds

CDP Part 3: Global Warming Potential Explained

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Sam Lair : Given that half of the American population is not capable of reading a book written at the 8th grade level and that one-in-five cannot independently fill out a job application form, it’s understandable why public comprehension of the greenhouse effect (taught in junior high) is limited. Though classroom demonstrations can help overcome this difficulty, shortage of funds and overworked staff can make that difficult. And I’m not sure what would help older adults. Therefore, the use of teaching videos from YouTube at home could be useful (though these are limited in some ways):
AlpineBe4ch : Well hopefully CO2 will stay in the atmosphere forever, otherwise plants and subsequently all life on Earth will die out. Hopefully H2O, the biggest greenhouse gas, will also stay in the atmosphere. Blaming CO2 is like blaming H2O, a complete nonsense: plants love both
Al Valatka : Um, please read up on this a little bit. You didn't even MENTION the largest greenhouse gas. H2O. Honestly, greenhouse gasses have very little to do with climate change. (It's mostly the sun, in case you were wondering.) But... if you must regurgitate what you've seen on CNN, please learn to read a teleprompter better. You really suck at it.
Władca Wymiaru : Dislike!
Video is awfully WRONG! Greenhouse effect doesn't exist because all gases are that same...
Sudhir Pandey : 3xxx: UPSC:Environment.
Ivjyot Oberoi : Just to clear the haze in understanding - we mean to say even though Carbon di-oxide due to its prevalence ( Volume ) attributes to a higher Green House Gas Effect at the moment, however for same volume of gas Methane ( having a higher GWP ) would account to a higher Green House Gas Effect?

Global Warming Potential

A teaching video on the Global Warming Potential used in the 'Global Climate Change' module at The University of Texas at Austin.
Tashfeen Furqan : you are so beautiful i want your whatsapp
VIKRAM SINGH : love you....nice explaination cleared the concept❤
Sci Fi : Very beautiful both lecture n mam




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