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Printer Laser Color Samsung CLP-415N

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Samsung CLP-415N A4 Colour Laser Printer

Hello and welcome to the Printerland review of the Samsung CLP-415N A4 Colour Laser Printer

This printer provides quality colour printing at a fast 18 pages per minute. The impressive 9,600 by 600 dpi resolution ensures crisp text and vivid images at an affordable price.

This model comes equipped with a 250 sheet input tray meaning this printer can handle heavy workloads. This printer is also equipped with networking capability allowing multiple users to use this printer simultaneously.

Offering both Windows \u0026 Mac compatibility, this printer provides fantastic accessibility.

With 700 pages of toner in the box, you can start printing within minutes.

Samsung’s high capacity toners allow users to reduce printing costs and minimise the need for toner replacements.

The 2 line LCD screen also provides easy use of all of this printers features allowing users to get the most out the printer.

Offering economical printing and outstanding image quality, this printer is a perfect choice for business users.

Samsung CLX-6260 - How to repair #A1-4112 Error

Complete guide to diagnosing and repairing your Samsung CLX-6260 laser printer due to #A1-4112 Actuator Motor error - DON'T WASTE MONEY buying the motor yet!
An F. : Thanks a lot.
Your video saved my day !
Just when I urgently needed to print out some important letters, my printer (Samsung CLP680DW) surprised me with that d..ned error message (error a1-4112). With your video I could fix it temporary by re-seating the rubber foam, but I think it will move soon away again. How thick the replacement stopper should be and how you attach it to hold permanently ?
paddy2981 : I was close to give up, but then I watched your video and your first try that failed. I had that too, when starting to fix this nasty issue. My fix was too thick, so it sounds strangly, just like in your video. Finally I made my "pad" (a layered plastic tape) a little bit thinner. Now it works perfectly. Many thanks!
Lernkiste - Mathematik : I am loving you! Thanks a lot from Austria!
Bodo Pfaff : Thank you so much, absolutely great. I fixed my Printer just the way you showed it, and it works! Greetings from Germany.
Chris Corcoran : I Had the same problem, and videos like this really helped so thank you. I had a different problem where the paper wouldn't feed and it turns out there is an identical solenoid deep in the depths of the printer that had the same problem. It isn't really identified clearly in the service manual, and parts lists don't seem to mention it. You have to remove the main PCB and the PH (Paper Handling) Drive Unit to get to it. Hope this helps someone.




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