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New Tier X Tank

The best vehicle at the Tier. A gun from the JagdPz E 100. A Maus as a lucky charm. A new perk. The unique running gear and new in-game mechanics. The Tier X Merciless Sniper. Watch the video to learn more!

#besttank #ms1 #wot

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Abner Santiago De la Hoya Badillo : I know it is a joke but believe it or not it would be the ideal tank destroyer.
Δ Sれ丹Kモ 山工匕卄 S山丹ム : MS-10 more like IS-10
LEGITBEAU : The underwater voice sound with headphones made it sound like someone was making that noise in my room lmao
Adan Lara : its not april fools and is it custom or what
Julia Slavova : The Gun is bigger the the ms1s turret
Nick Brône : I am maybe late to this but i would love a april's event with that MS-1 i would love it !!!
Max Elsoro : # April fool's

For me that is nice joke to have a meme tank
But to combine 3 German panther tank or turn a Renault tank in to a heavy tank destroyer
Or a 3 maus tank
Combine in to 1 with a heavy machine gun
Or a tog tank with 3 guns and 5 armour of it
DeViL안세현 : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 완전 귀엽네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Daffa Farin : notice the video was uploaded on April 1st?
Boqin Zhao : Hahahaha


This is an quick tour of the Korg MS-10 where I go over all the different knobs and the patch panel and explain how the synth works. The MS-10 is a vintage monophonic analog synthesizer. It's the little brother of the MS-20. It has only one oscillator, but it does have pulse width modulation which the bigger brother lacks. It's a simple synth but with a really nice raw tone.

I'm @onceuponasynth on all socials.

~~~ MY MUSIC ~~~

• Korg MS-10

• Zoom H6n
• Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro
• iPhone 6
• Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
• Lumix 14mm f2.5 Lens
• Manfrotto 055 Tripod w/ 410 Junior Geared Head
robbiedaug : My MS-10 does not have that little switch on the patch bay beside the Modulation Generator. What's up with that switch?

Also, i forget where to plug in my elec guitar and what knobs to use to make sounds from the guitar. Any idea? It's been a long time since i touched my MS-10
Un Xplored : Great synthesizer, where Juan Atkins spent days and nights creating the sounds for Cybotron.
Danalex : Great, thanks.
Mica Walsh : hey know a guy selling one fro 550 but i was also look at arturia minibrute 2 which is only 430 any thoughts on which one to get????
Hipix : Such a shame it's only monophonic.
Peter Maas : Interesting to see there is a trigger button under the modwheel... and a switch to have it affect the LFO.... My MS10 (and some others I have seen) doesn’t have this!
Rob Warrior : Soo... where is the MS-20??!
Dylan Glover : My favorite mono synth ever made
Mirror People : actually i prefer the ms-10 vs the ms-20. everything you play on this synth sounds great. and it just fits very well on the mix. it's probably my favourite monophonic synth ever.
Aaron Foltz : I seen some videos comparing the ms10 vcos to that of the minilogue, have you had a chance to do this yourself. Great video.

MS10 - Emilio Pucci

Segui la squadra su Instagram :

William MS10 :

ArmaJaem MS10 :

Si ringrazia calorosamente lo staff di "MAG 104" per la disponibilità e il supporto dato per la realizzazione delle riprese del video.

MAG 104 :

Rec,Mix e Master a cura di @chiedi_a_giorgino

Punto G Studio :

Riprese e Montaggio a cura di Emanuele D'Angelo

Emanuele D'Angelo :

Booking fotografico a cura di André Chanoux

André Chanoux :

Beat : Lezter

Lorenzo : Quando su Spotify??.... Non vedo l ora
Speedwagon : io sono qui soltanto per le JoJo Reference lol
Perla Maddona :
mattia albasio : arma quanto fluttui stai up ✈️
Mario Venturini : Sono cadute nella trappola del re della savana❤
Leonardo Magnani : Base di una canzone americana di nome E.T. di imam
ImAle99 : e nulla spacchi.
Pietro Callandrone : Prima volta che sono felice di vedere una sponsor su yt, grandi ragazzi <3
Lorenzo Berti : Damn
Fusako Sirchio : Cazzo




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