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What is Management Consulting? (McKinsey, Bain, BCG)

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Ever wonder what management consultants do and where they end up going afterwards? Allison, a consultant at Bain shares about her consulting experience and why she loves it!

0:25 What is management consulting?
0:49 What kind of problems do you solve and what kind of projects are they usually?
2:06 What’s the learning curve for a new engagement/project?
3:16 How long are these engagements/projects and how do you know what you’re supposed to do?
4:12 What’s the end deliverable for an engagement/project?
4:53 Monday to Friday. What does that look like?
6:03 What does a typical day look like for a consultant?
7:47 What is your favorite part about being a consultant?
9:03 What is your least favorite?
10:01 Where do consultants end up? How long do they do consulting for and when they leave, why do they leave?
11:30 If you weren’t in consulting what would you be doing?

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Pros and Cons of Consulting

here are some basic pros and cons of consulting. hope this helps you on your own career search! click SHOW MORE for more info! ⬇

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