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Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-ray Player Review

Pick it up from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1MM3mCH
This is my review of  Sony’s lowest price Blu-ray Player of 2016 the BDP-S1700.  

Here is the Sony Blu-ray BDP-S1700 Connectivity. The BDP-S1700 has a HDMI port, a digital audio output, an ethernet connection, with a USB port on the front. It is important to note, this Blu-ray player does not have wi-fi. 

When it comes to design, the Sony Blu-ray BDP-S1700 has the same design and dimensions as Sony’s other Blu-ray players. It is small, I’d even say compact. 

Let’s take a look at the Sony Blu-ray BDP-S1700’s User Interface. Don’t worry if you are not a techie, you will be able to find your way around this device. The user interface is really simple, easy to navigate and consistent with Sony’s other products. 

Currently priced below $65, the BDP-S1700 is a solid Blu-ray player with good gaming and streaming features. When paired with a HD TV, Blu-rays look good. It supports every major streaming service and plays Playstation 3 games really well. Playing God of War was a good experience. If you connect it to a 4K TV there will be moments when the lower resolution is really obvious. 

The Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-ray disc player delivers on all of it’s promised features. It performs well as a Blu-ray player, it is a good streaming device and plays great games. The lack of wi-fi and 4K upscaling is disappointing, but if those features are necessities you should consider Sony’s BDP-S6700.
Jr Hr : It plays ps3 games??????
Nicklas Jensen : So i Can see dvd movie on it too that looks better?
Gonzalo Molina : It has Disney Plus now?
O'uile Jemi Martin : dumb question but isn't it better to buy a sony player versus a samsung or LG... considering SONY created bluray
Jedi Brooks : Good pacing and video format thank you for getting to the point
John Smith : Wait a minute, you DON'T need 4K upscaling if your TV already has 4K upscaling.
John Smith : Resellers ask for $90 more because is region free.
Flikz : What do you mean it plays games, is it a bluray or a freakin playstation
Brody Lincoln : Is this outdated? Looking to get it with Disney Plus and Netflix, 2019.
Heiko Plötner : Gut gemacht ! Danke !

Sony BDP S1700 un boxing and set up

Sony BDP S1700 Blu-ray DVD player with usb play back.
Un boxing set up and demo.
Please note with this model you need to connect to the internet
with a wired Ethernet Cable.
MIKEY CHAINSAW : I seen this at Walmart online for 59.99 iam get one so I can watch movies in my bedroom. I have my gaming console in the living room I use to watch blu movies there
Zanicuh Zandoval : What do you do with usbs?
Hillary Gonzalez : I can’t set up the stupid WiFi
Hillary Gonzalez : Idk how y’all are doing that
Jean Luc ROSTOUCHER : Dans tous les tests et vidéo sur cet appareil que j'ai vu, aucun ne parle de la fonction enregistrement? Est il également enregistreur?
Peut on enregistrer une émission TV avec?
DZ060409 : What kind of USB did you use because I used a gorilla USB drive 64 gb and it says no device connected.
PutinWithAnimals : Nice video! Keep up the good work :)
Justice LaFlamme : Is there no wireless wifi for it
Marrio Johnson : How do you check to see if the router's RA is enabled?
José María Ramírez : I bought mine at Walmart Yesterday, but mine didn't come with a Remote control

Sony BDP-S1700 Full HD Blu-ray Disc Player

Great picture quality, online apps and easy menu navigation all built into a compact box.

Nicklas Jensen : So Can i see dvd movie on it too that looks better and is everything to it in the box when you buy it?
StrezFN : Does it connect with WiFi?
justsomehumanonyoutube : does it support 3d blu rays?
MikiGameplays : does it support MKV and MP4 files from usb ?
jhon 14.6holybible : Just got at walmart refurbished $1598 not sure if has demi cable most Wal-Mart refurbished items like new and there warranty better than manufacturers
atthew arre : It's a piece of crap it freezes like shit tech support ask you a million questions before they even want to help you they do you ask you a problem they just asked a whole bunch of questions first that takes up time
Jerry Allen : I bought this budget player for only $100 Canadian, very pleased with picture and sound quality. I'm not overly concerned about any app issues i synced my PC to use YouTube, for the money it's a great player.
L. E. Leonard : I truly thank you for the time you've given to provide information on the product. The main reason I've checked out your video is because, I'm checking to see if the apps on the DVD player automatically update. I've purchased discounted devices like generic Roku devices and cheap DVD players, and what I've found is that the apps do not upgrade. And so, if the app does not upgrade, the device soon becomes obsolete and outdated quickly. I did not find what I was looking for but thanks again for the video.




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