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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Mario Circuit (Remix)

OUT NOW on Apple Music and Spotify!
Apple Music:

Listen on SoundCloud:

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Video Game Remixes : Hey comment section, what's your favorite Mario Kart?
escape : it sounds so cool at 0.75 and the 12 dislikes are from all of browsers hate accounts
jp ss : Faz being human
F Hasiuk : Omg I have this stuck in my head and it’s the best feeling ever!!! Great job on this one!
Gwheyr : Can we have GCN rainbow road for the next one? that would be so great its already great and I feel you could make something really special out of it.
SCRP : Minecraft alpha theme remix?
Marco Cesàr : Luigi,Mario and Yoshi Circuit
【millie 】 : I'm the 1k like
Fappy Dunkley : Only one word can describe this song... Bop.
StarHeart Studios : I have a question, are we allowed to use a remix in a video? They're not monetized if you were wondering...

ARMS - Ribbon Girl Theme (Remix feat. Meltberry)

OUT NOW on iTunes and Spotify!


Listen on SoundCloud:

Vocals by Meltberry:

Video art by Caelum Picta:

Video edited by Bolide:

Video Game Remixes : Hey comment section, what’s the most underrated Nintendo franchise?
DogWithEyebrows : How come you don't have merch yet. I would totally buy that.
five coperchain : Going with the arms topic, I think dr coyles theme is also amazing and I think you should do a remix
Escanor Fanai : All i hear is Nananana and oohohohohooh
Sharkboyblue : Imagine all Nintendo games was in VR that will be a big thing right now
Felixty : ♪(/^-^)/☆
ItsDoggeAJack : Could you do the freddy files theme?
Jacob Ambroisine : NINTENDO should hire VGR for music coz hes INSANE!!
BANRD : How would I give proper credit? I am thinking of using one of your songs for a montage.

[TikTok Song] Mi Pan Su Su Sum (VGR Remix)

I heard the sound and wanted to make a silly remix out of it, please don't judge me too hard it's just a prank!

FREE DOWNLOAD on SoundCloud:

Video by Meltberry:
Video Game Remixes : April Fools came a little late this year (it's just a prank bro)
Adriana Zielinski-Velazquez : can you make a ten hour long version
Leandro De Lima Mamédio : WOW !! INCREDIBLE ...
Denise Des3 : mi frst su su sum su su su
Petre Bejera : The hottest song you're bosss
Mr. Bear. : No one knows the translation and singing it
leon : Can i use this in my intro?
Katherine Lam (kl1209) : thxs to this song it's very cool and remix I gave 100,000 stars and a thumb up!
MH R3ktspirit2 : Why? XD
Sami_le El Poulais El Casoulais Annimateur télé : Its so fucking fireee




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