The Most Popular Dance Clubs In San Francisco

Dance Clubs

Don’t you all love to dance? Dancing connects your body with your mind. While dancing, you get to forget all your sorrows and hardships. Whenever you hear a nice music, you feel like dancing to its beat. But not all people know how to dance. They are too scared to dance publicly. In San Francisco, there are several nightclubs where you can dance your heart out. No one will tell you to dance like this or like that. You just need to let your body and mind free. Get a glimpse of different night clubs at sites like

Take a look at some of the most prominent nightclubs in San Francisco!

· The Monarch
This club is located at the 6th St, San Francisco. The main floor has a cocktail bar and has a vintage look. The ground floor serves as a dance club. The main highlight of this club is the sexy lady acrobats suspending from the ceiling.

· The Audio Discotech
For those of you in love with music and just want to get on the dance floor this club is for you. This club comes with some awesome features like custom color changing lights and a Funktion one sound system which is programmed to change with the music set by the DJ’S.

· The DNA Lounge
DNA Lounge is a popular dance club which has three dance floors. You need to book a ticket to enter the night club as it draws people from all over the city.

· The Vertigo
This nightclub attracts an enormous international crowd. A Tahitian themed bar and lounge, Vertigo is located on Polk Street, San Francisco. The club provides a dance floor, a full-service bar, and an outdoor patio.

· Infusion
Infusion Lounge is the most hyped nightclub in San Francisco. Compared to other night clubs, it’s cheaper even though it has a luxurious décor. It offers live DJ’S and cocktails.

You can head on to any of these night clubs to dance your heart off!

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