The Advantages Of A Glass Splash back

Despite what a majority of people say, an article on the internet states that most people prefer the clean look of a glass kitchen splash back over tiles, laminate and other materials. It is neither as brittle nor as delicate as many people are lead to believe. Places like have a vast collection of glass splash backs that will suit not only your budget but also your specific aesthetic. According to, there are several advantages to using a kitchen splash back, one being the ease of keeping the walls clean. However, there are a whole lot of new benefits that come with investing in a glass splash back.

The conventional glass kitchen splash back is made from 10 mm toughened glass which not only adheres to building safety codes but is the minimum thickness required to provide a shatterproof surface. Like other conventional materials like tiles or stone, glass splash backs are also extremely heat resistant, an advantage when it comes to placing it on a cooktop. There are two distinctive types of glass, Clear Float, and Starphire, which can be made into splash backs. Though there is no significant difference in terms of toughness or integrity, it is the coloring that varies.

Clear Float and Starphire are both made from 10 mm toughened glass. On the one hand, Clear Float possesses an aquatic green tone to it. Whatever color is laid over it will undertake a little of that tint, which may upset some people. On the other hand, Starphire allows for a truer representation of the overlaid color simply because it itself is colorless. Starphire has been treated to prevent the green tinge, and hence, you will get a precise rendering of the underlying color. The difference between Clear Float and Starphire may not be as significant in a darker color as it is in lighter ones, so chose your type according to your underlay.

Unlike tile, steel, and stone, the colors available for a glass splash back are only deterred by your imagination. The chosen color or tones are painted on the back of the glass before it is fitted onto the wall. This prevents discoloration and keeps the paint from coming into direct contact with open flames and cleaning agents. You can be as flexible as you want with the underlying color if you wish to match it to your cabinets, paint it in a contrasting shade or even create an intricate pattern.

The final and most obvious advantage of installing a glass splash back is the cleaning. Glass is relatively easier and faster to clean than tiles and stone, where oils and water may have worked their way into crevices. If your space is of a suitable size, you could probably get away with installing a single piece of glass and forgo the joints altogether. A glass splash back also doubles as a whiteboard. You can use it as a board to write groceries, reminders and small memos to the family with a whiteboard pen. Once the task is completed, you can wipe it away with ease – now that’s what you can call handy.

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