Easy Methods Of Growing Kratom Plants Indoors

Grow Kratom At Home

It is very easy to grow Kratom plants indoors. Please do not believe in some rumors that it is quite difficult to grow Kratom indoors. It will be wise to keep in mind that the Kratom plant will grow very quickly and it will give you more benefits than other plants in this nature. Please read the article at http://hgtv.com/ for extra details. It is noted that, even some guidelines which mention that you need expensive lighting facilities and also good soil to grow, we are growing Kratom without having all these facilities, but we were able to do a very good cultivation.

We will find out in detail how to grow Kratom very easily indoors
1. A very famous Kratom growing guidelines mentioned that the commercial soils are not fit for Kratom cultivation but we have tested using normal soil and succeeded in growing Kratom. We have used our own soil mixture and succeeded in that as well. A good soil mixture nicely fertilized and having correct moisture level is enough to grow Kratom successfully.

2. The pH (Potential of Hydrogen) level is more important for growing any plant. We have identified the correct pH level for growing Kratom plant is between 5.5 to 6.5. The correct pH level is a must for the Kratom plant to take the required nutrients from the soil.

3. We noticed that the pH level changes in soil due to water results in color changes in Kratom leaves. Even though we have used filtered water, the pH level indicates very low due to the fact that the distilled water connects with air. This will affect the pH level to go down in soil. It is recommended to test the soil pH level regularly using some easy method, which available in the market.

4. It is advised to use a big pot for growing Kratom plant simply because Kratom plant needs more space for roots. We have tested the growing methods using small and big pots, big pot plants are showing good results compared to small pots.

5. It is important to know how and when to watering the Kratom plants. Some growers will water the plant more frequently, but it is good to water only when the soil becomes dry condition.

6. It is advised to use good HPS lighting system for growing Kratom plants. HPS stands for High Pressure Sodium. Under HPS this plant will grow very nicely. Fluorescent lighting is the best and cheapest option to get best cultivation results.

7. Kratom plant will grow nicely in high humidity conditions. If the humidity levels are low in your plant growing area, please ensure to do some alternative arrangement to increase the humidity level.

8. The next important factor is temperature; the Kratom plant will grow decently under the temperatures between 75 to 90 degree Fahrenheit. Even in lower temperatures also this plant will grow decently but not in higher temperatures. If the temperature is running as low as 50 degree Fahrenheit, the plant’s leaves will become red in color but immediately it will come back to normalcy once the temperature is increased.

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